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New Video Launch & Refresh

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

As the media landscape evolves, so do we In this ever-changing world of video, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. This time around, we have done just that…



Square One’s "Simple Listing Video" is our dependable video option utilizing a classic edit. These videos bring the Square One stamp of approval while giving us a way to provide a quick, budget-friendly option to our clients. Shot on high-end professional equipment (including a drone when needed), we utilize the best practices in real estate media to give viewers a showcase of the property while giving agents a powerful marketing tool. Our goal with this video option is to highlight all of the essentials of the home while keeping the overall production to an industry-standard length of 90 seconds or less. The video will be timed with Square One curated music and includes an address title card on the beginning and agent logos at the end. This video is great for mid-range properties or projects with a smaller budget.



The videos Square One is KNOWN for! Square One's Premium Listing Video is a stylistic video that is MADE FOR THE PROPERTY. Every aspect of the video (length, music, pacing, titling, editing, etc.) will match the style and feel of the property that we are showcasing. During this video you can expect to have shots that will capture the attention of the viewers and include architectural details, interior design, flow of the home and more. We will also utilize drone footage when necessary. As our most engaging video production we offer, this video is perfect for enhancing your brand or eye-catching properties.



The simplest way to get involved in the video world…Agent Feature. Introduce and close out the property on a listing in 10 seconds or less. This video is a great opportunity for you to let the viewer meet the listing agent before they dive into the property. Send the viewer off with your contact info and move on with your day. Just like that, you have mastered the art of video! Yet another great way to keep consistency in your brand.

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